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This is the digital era where your customers will get to know you online and the digital presence of businesses has never been so critical before. We are a group of enthusiastic digital media professionals based in Toronto with more than two decades of experience in supporting brands to shine online. webfaCeMEdia provides a holistic portfolio of services to build the digital presence of a brand from website development to creative designing.

Tommy Adeniyi, the founder of webfaCeMEdia has been thriving in the industry of digital media through the rise and evolution of modern internet technologies. With his expertise, webfaCeMEdia takes pride in serving globally reputed clients like Disney and several famous non-profit organizations.

We have been the partners in the success stories of clients since 1999 and we are ready to be a part of your success story too!

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Why choose us?


We consider every project as a new challenge for us to show off our skills. webfaCeMEdia delivers the best-quality services that meet or exceed customer expectations. Our team enjoys applying their skills and experience to help a business thrive as a strong digital brand. Therefore, the quality of the service is not a worry if you let us handle your brand.


Time means money to a business. We understand that you have bigger goals to achieve as a business owner, and time is an invaluable resource for you. webfaceMEdia always delivers on time to make sure your website, app, or other digital materials are ready to support you at the moment it is needed.


You know your business better than anyone else. You decide how you want your clients to see you online, and we will create whatever it is in your mind. webfaCeMEdia values effective communication with our clients and is always open to thoughts and suggestions from them.

Mobile Responsiveness

Most of your clients use their phones to search for you. You do not want them to end up at a messy website that has failed to fit the mobile mode. We have already realized the need for business websites to be mobile responsive and committed to developing a website that can be accessed conveniently from any device.


All our services aim to offer the top-quality products at the most reasonable price. We know you have invested your trust on us and therefore, we strive to deliver the best value for your money.


We will be there whenever you need tech support for your business. It can be an upgrade or simply fixing something that suddenly went wrong, we promise you to provide our service when you need it the most.


Our work

These are some of the projects Tommy Adeniyi has developed or directly worked on over the years.

WebfaceMedia Project - software: Public Mobile

Public Mobile

WebfaceMedia Project - mobile-app: EOT Mobile App

EOT Mobile App

WebfaceMedia Project - software: Organimi


WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Mortgage Broker Store

Mortgage Broker Store

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Ontario Yours To Protect

Ontario Yours To Protect

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Disney Channel

Disney Channel

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Series Plus

Series Plus

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Global TV

Global TV

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Showtimes


WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Style Democracy

Style Democracy

WebfaceMedia Project - software: Expert Online Training

Expert Online Training

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Stop Bill66

Stop Bill66

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Key West Toronto Condo

Key West Toronto Condo

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: EQ Homes

EQ Homes

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Humber Tunes

Humber Tunes

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Learn2


WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: YC Condos

YC Condos

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Tripodi


WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Andrin Homes

Andrin Homes

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: The Berkeley

The Berkeley

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Clarence Crossing

Clarence Crossing

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Averton Homes

Averton Homes

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Luxe Towns

Luxe Towns

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Kleinburg Impressions

Kleinburg Impressions

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Zigg Condo

Zigg Condo

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Madison Homes

Madison Homes

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Quik Pod

Quik Pod

WebfaceMedia Project - responsive-web: Trafalgar Green

Trafalgar Green

WebfaceMedia Project - touchscreen: Waverley Condominiums

Waverley Condominiums

WebfaceMedia Project - touchscreen: Kaitlin Corporation

Kaitlin Corporation

WebfaceMedia Project - touchscreen: 90 Niagara

90 Niagara

WebfaceMedia Project - touchscreen: Village Park

Village Park






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